Here’s A List Of Celebrity Kids Who Did & Didn’t Step Into The Spotlight

They say that when you make it into Hollywood, there’s no going back! This is especially for celebrity children who are raised in the spotlight with fame and money. These children inherit their parent’s wealth and fame, resulting in them living an elite lifestyle. It is no secret that living the life of a celebrity child is not the easiest; one grows up in front of the camera and is constantly subjected to criticism every time one makes a mistake.

However, on the flip side, one also has the best of everything; there is no problem in making an acting career, modeling, or singing career if one’s parent happens to be a known figure in the world of Hollywood. While some celebrity children have embraced their gifted lifestyles, others have shied away from the constant cameras and public opinion about their lives.

Picjumbocom/Pexels | It’s not easy having a famous parent

So, here are some celebrity children who have embraced the celeb status and some who prefer their low-key lives.

Celebrity Kids Who Avoided Fame

1. Trey Smith – Will Smith’s Son

You probably did not even know Will Smith has a son other than Jaden Smith. Well, yeah, he does. Will Smith welcomed his first son with his first wife, Sheree Zampino. Trey did participate and made some TV appearances here and there in his childhood. But now, Smith prefers to stay out of the spotlight, unlike his family members, who have all followed the pursuit of fame.

Pixabay/Pexels | The only Smith who avoids the spotlight

2. Holly Ann Heston – Charlton Heston

Charlton Heston played quite a few leading roles that have made many people become his fans. From his leading roles in “The Ten,” “Planets of the Apes,” and “Ben-Hur” to his amazing personality, Heston has remained to be one of the icons of Hollywood’s Golden Age. While Charlton enjoyed fame and spotlight wherever he went, his daughter, Holly Ann Heston, was not a big fan. She served as an associate at the American Museum of Natural History and became an Alzheimer’s advocate after the death of Charlton.

Celebrity Kids Who Embraced The Fame

1. Angelina Jolie – Jon Voight’s Daughter

It is hard to believe that there might be someone out there who does not recognize Angelina Jolie! Apart from being one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, Jolie’s acting skills only made it easier for her career to skyrocket. Jon Voight, Jolie’s father, had the same effect on his fans as he left quite a legacy for Jolie to follow. His roles in films like “Cowboy,” “Coming Home,” and “Heat” will always be remembered as some of the best work done in Hollywood.

2. Dakota Johnson – Don Johnson’s Daughter

Taking the lead role in projects like “Knives Out,” “Watchmen,” and “Django Unchained,” Don Johnson is no stranger to the glitz and the glamor of Hollywood. His daughter, Dakota Johnson, followed her father’s footsteps by starring in some big projects like the “Fifty Shades” franchise. 

Joshua Roberts/Pexels | Now she’s off to take the lead in Sony’s upcoming Spider-Man spin-off, Madame Web

Handling fame and wealth at a young age is hard, but for these celebrity kids, it’s family business.

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