Online Psilocybin Sales Platform Launches in The Netherlands

Certain Europeans can now purchase psilocybin and other exotic mushrooms online. PharmaDrug announced in a June 7 press release that its Super Smart division has launched a Slim Winkel-branded, online, psilocybin mushroom retail platform in The Netherlands and Europe. Yes, you read that correctly.

Yahoo! Finance reports that the European Slim Winkel online store will sell psilocybin-rich truffles as well as other “functional mushrooms” to buyers who live in The Netherlands. The website will also sell certain mushrooms to customers living in other parts of Europe, however, only customers living in The Netherlands can purchase the psilocybin truffles. 

Customers who enter the online store can choose between an array of different psilocybin strains, including Albino, Thai, Columbian, Cambodian, Ecuadorian or Atlantis, or customers can grow the mushrooms themselves with spores and grow kits. In addition, other products such as 5 HTP powder, are available where it is legal.

In the same announcement, the company stated that a brick-and-mortar strategy is already underway, but was put on hold until the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, which isn’t quite yet over in Europe.

“Our concept with Slim Winkel is to create a more modern retail experience in the space, one that blends information and education. We want to move away from a tourist-centric approach to a lifestyle one. Our goal is to bring psychedelics out of the shadows and make micro dosing a normal part of everyday mental health,” said Harry Resin, president of Super Smart. 

The landing page to the website was launched this morning and can be found at

Visitors to the Dutch Slim Winkel e-commerce site can read informative blogs and educational tips that will allow them to easily navigate the complex world of functional mushrooms and psilocybin microdosing. Super Smart believes these educational resources are the “backbone of the Slim Winkel concept.” By providing these additional services, the company believes that they can have a deeper understanding of the benefits of Super Smart’s psilocybin offerings, as well as the other products.

The company also intends to follow through with phase two, which includes company-built stores or acquisition of stores in five other identified cities throughout The Netherlands.

Super Smart has no plans of slowing down expansion, with plans to not only capitalize on existing distribution models and psilocybin supply chains, but others when other European countries legalize psilocybin mushrooms. The end goal is to expand into a US Slim Winkel platform.


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