Police Academy to be Converted into Cannabis Grow Operation, Officials Hope


Police cadets are nowhere in sight, but one former police academy could soon be filled with flowering cannabis plants, ready for the Michigan market.

Flint, Michigan city officials intend to sell the long-shuttered Flint Police Training Academy for half a million dollars to a company that wants to transform it into a commercial cannabis grow facility. Yes, this is the same Flint that was plagued with financial woes and the infamous drinking water crisis.

Evergrow LLC would purchase the property for $500,000. The property sellers only received two offers: $500,000 from Evergrow or another company that offered $20,000—the decision was simple.

The Flint City Council postponed any action, however, on the property sale during a recent meeting after the city’s Department of Planning and Development (DPD) asked to proceed with the sale to Evergrow LLC.

“We believe our land has value, and we want to obtain the maximum value for these types of properties,” DPD Director Suzanne Wilcox told MLive. “We finalized that purchase agreement, (but) it obviously requires City Council approval…This is a fair and valid offer.”

The building has been vacant since 2010 when the last police academy class that was trained there graduated.

“It’s kind of ironic that the training facility for the police department that used to go against marijuana is going to possibly become a marijuana grow shop,” said 3rd Ward Councilmemeber Santino Guerra.

To be compliant, Evergrow would also need to obtain a license, a Flint Planning Commission approval for a site plan and the company must get its building plans approved by the city. Evergrow must also file for all needed permits, pay fees, pass inspections and receive a certificate of occupancy, to name a few requirements.

The property is properly zoned for a cannabis operation of that nature, officials said.

During the pandemic, cannabis operations were deemed essential, helping the industry to stay afloat while others failed. This potential building conversion reinforces the importance of cannabis in the area.