Teen Vogue’s Class Of 2022

The world is well aware of the fact that Hollywood is overflowing with talent, whether that be singing, directing, writing, producing, or acting; Hollywood has impressively talented people for every single art out there.

So far in 2022, several showstopping films and shows have been introduced the world, along with some new talented faces that are set to shape the industry in a new and much better way. These new, young celebrities are changing how people think about our world and revolutionizing the entertainment industry. Let’s talk about the new celebrity class of 2022.

Sydney Sweeney

If you happen to be a huge “Euphoria” fan, this would not be a surprise for you: the 24-year actress had her breakthrough after she appeared on the HBO show, playing the role of Cassie Howard. However, the first time she caught mainstream attention was in 2018 when she acted in a Netflix’s “Everything Sucks as Emaline.” Sydney has impressed the entire world with her exceptional acting skills but it seems as though the young actress knows there is still a long way for her to go because she seems to be in no mood to slow down anytime soon.

Cottonbro/Pexels | Sydney has won the hearts of people worldwide with her showstopping role in Euphoria.

Caleb McLaughlin 

The 20-year-old actor grew up in Carmel, New York, where he began his acting career as a Broadway actor. He appeared on the live shows as Young Simba in “The Lion King” and also had some small acting gigs here and there. However, McLaughlin’s breakthrough came from his role as Lucas Sinclair in the hit Netflix series “Stranger Things” that aired in 2016. After that, the actor caught the eyes of the media as well as a line of filmmakers, which eventually resulted in him appearing in more films such as “Concrete Boy” and “High Flying Bird. “Considering his young age, it seems as though Caleb’s journey toward the road to success has only begun. 

Cottonbro/Pexels | Caleb gradually gained the media’s attention over the years with his appearance as Lucas in “Stranger Things.”

Patti Harrison

The 31-year-old media mogul is known for her skills as a comedian and actress. She is well known in the industry for making appearances in tv series such as “I Think You Should Leave With Tim Robinson” and “Shrill.” People would also be able to recognize her from her role in the comedy film Together Together. Harrison is ready to take her acting skills to the next level. Moreover, her movie “Mack & Rita” will be released in 2022. 

Monstera/Pexels | Patti Harrison has been the reason behind the laughs of many people across the globe because of her comedy.

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